Modular Cleanrooms

The Nano Clean System-1200 Modular Cleanroom provides; cost effective, energy efficient, easy to install Modular Cleanrooms to satisfy the requirements of ISO 14644-1.

System 1200 Modular Cleanrooms can be configured to meet any cleanliness classification from ISO Class 3 to ISO Class 9 with a variety of air handling regimes from the ‘one pass’ fan filter module approach to fully ducted with close temperature and relative humidity control.

System 1200 Modular Cleanrooms are installed using standardised components allowing facility sizes to be specified in standard module increments (specific sizes available up on request), ensuring prompt delivery and installation with practical relocation capability and adaptable future expansion.

Typical Feature Guide

  • Modular wall construction utilising double skin steel composite panels with mineral wool or aluminium honeycomb core.
  • Door leaves manufactured to match the wall modules.
  • Double glazed vision modules provided in selected wall modules and all door leaves.
  • Sheet vinyl flooring laid onto the existing floor slab with all joints fully welded.
  • Sit on, set in or self-form wall/floor coving detail.
  • Raised perforated floor installed to create a modest return air void (unidirectional downflow or heavily serviced rooms).
  • Access ceiling system utilising double skin steel composite panels with either; mineral wool, aluminium honeycomb or paper honeycomb core.
  • Grid ceiling system (gasket or fluid seal) to house fan filter/terminal filter modules (unidirectional flow rooms) or create secondary plenum ceiling.
  • Fan filter modules incorporating; washable pre-filter, variable speed fan and aluminium side wall HEPA/ULPA filter.
  • Air transfer grilles.
  • Recessed type light fittings.
  • Airflow type light fittings (unidirectional flow rooms).
  • Differential pressure indicator.
  • Commissioning and validation.Electronic format Operation & Maintenance Instructions.

Optional Feature Guide

  • Ducted air handling system providing comfort temperature control or close temperature & and relative humidity control.
  • Fire protection sprinklers installation taking feed from parent building system.
  • Process extraction system to serve; fume cupboards, wet process benches or clients process equipment.
  • Process power sockets mounted on a dado trunking.- Process pipework.
  • Life safety systems.
  • Gowning lobby access management ‘traffic lights’ system to identify when Cleanroom access is prohibited.
  • Product transfer hatch with mechanical or electro-mechanical interlock.
  • Process benching comprising stainless steel frame with stainless steel, polypropylene or solid grade laminate work surface.
  • Laminar flow workstations, fume cupboards and wet chemical stations.
  • Personnel step-over barrier.
  • Airshower.
  • Handwash facility.
  • Clean clothing storage.
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