Hospital Pharmacy Sterile Suites

hospitalNano Clean will design and install your new Inpatient Pharmacy Modular Aseptic Cleanroom Suite to meet your specific requirements.

By working together, in partnership, we will initially establish your aspirations, with input from; Pharmacy, Engineering, Planning, Infection Control and Purchasing departments. We will then develop a conceptual design, which we will review together and adapt until we have the right solution with flexibility to satisfy your; initial, intermediate and long term needs.

Whether your new Modular Cleanroom will be the result of a; refurbishment, relocation or new build, our System 1200 modular construction will provide a; functional, resilient, contamination controlled environment, with flush finishes, crevice free construction and coved/radiused interfaces for ease of cleaning.

Our air handling, conditioning and filtration systems will be specifically designed to meet the requirements of your individual facility, ensuring product protection to minimise the risk of patient infection, by maintaining; stringent cleanliness standards, positive differential pressure cascades to minimise the risk of contamination ingress and temperature/relative humidity control for the comfort of operational staff who will be attired in contamination control apparel. Where hazardous drugs are being handled and operator protection as well as product protection will be necessary, appropriate, containment clean air devices, extraction systems and negative differential pressure cascades will be employed.

Mechanical and electrical building services can be sourced from the host parent building where available, or we can provide stand alone equipment to serve your new Cleanroom facility. Where circumstances dictate, we will integrate contingency planning with standby and back up systems to keep your new facility operational.

Site installation works will be undertaken by our skilled and experience fitters, under the watchful eye of our site based project co-ordinator.

By working closely with Pharmacy, Engineering, Planning, Infection Control and Purchasing departments during the conception, design and implementation phases of your project, we will maintain control of programme and budget, which means that we will complete your project on time, within budget and to the expected standard.

Your new Nano Clean Modular Aseptic Cleanroom Suite will provide the background environmental conditions required for your intravenous preparation and cytotoxic reconstitution works.

You may already have Laminar Flow Work Stations, Pharmacy Isolators or Class II Safety Cabinets that you can relocate into your new Nano Clean Modular Aseptic Cleanroom Suite. If not, we offer a whole range of clean air devices and support products, which we can integrate into our solution.

Our project partnership does not need to finish at handover.

The long term effective operation of your new Nano Clean Modular Aseptic Cleanroom Suite will be fundamentally influenced by the execution of professional routine and preventative maintenance and regulatory validation testing.

We can train your facilities support staff to look after the day to day operation of the incorporated systems and work together under a term agreement to provide ongoing scheduled support.